Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki sauce is an incredibly tasty addition to Japanese cuisine dishes. It’s also an essential element of one of the cooking methods, also called teriyaki.


  • Soy sauce – 120 ml
  • Brown sugar – 60 g
  • Mirin – 60 ml
  • Sake – 60 ml


Step 1: Add the Ingredients Pour soy sauce, sugar, mirin, and sake into a saucepan.

Step 2: Dissolve the Sugar Place the saucepan over medium heat and begin to dissolve the sugar, stirring constantly.

Step 3: Add Garlic and Ginger (optional, you can skip) Add the ingredients to the saucepan and stir.

Step 4: Cook the Sauce Cook the sauce over low heat for 10 minutes until it thickens and becomes uniform.

Step 5: Strain the Sauce Strain the sauce through a sieve to remove any lumps and garlic and ginger. Pour it into a container.

Step 6: Cool the Sauce Place the strained sauce in a dark place to cool. Once the teriyaki sauce reaches room temperature, it’s ready. You can also seal it tightly and store it in the refrigerator. The sauce will be usable for several weeks.

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