Kamikaze Shot

Kamikaze Shot

Admit it, everyone has had a fling with Kamikaze shots, especially at a club party. These sweet and sour classics taste similar to a traditional Margarita. Did you know they’re so easy to make?


  • 40 ml vodka
  • 40 ml blue curaçao (or any flavored syrup)
  • 40 ml lemon juice

For decoration:

  • half a lemon
  • citric acid (inexpensive and widely available)
  • spirit


  • 4 shot glasses
  • glass or tall jar
  • jigger or kitchen measure
  • citrus juicer
  • ice cubes
  • bartender’s strainer


  1. Start by preparing the crust (or “krasta”), the flavorful and decorative edge of the shot glass. Take half a lemon and moisten the edges of the shot glass with it. Then, sprinkle some citric acid onto a plate and dip the rim of the shot glass into it. Prepare the remaining 3 shot glasses in the same manner.
  2. Using a juicer or your own strength, squeeze 40 ml of lemon juice. Use a jigger or kitchen measure to ensure the correct amount. Set aside.
  3. Pour 40 ml vodka, 40 ml blue curaçao, and 40 ml lemon juice into the glass or tall jar.
  4. Add ice cubes to the jar and shake vigorously. Pro tip: If you don’t have a cocktail shaker, you can use a large jar! Just add ice and the remaining ingredients, close tightly, and shake vigorously for about 15 seconds!
  5. Strain the contents of the jar using a bartender’s strainer into the prepared and decorated 4 shot glasses.

For the daring (and cautious): Arrange the shot glasses on a wooden cutting board. Pour half a shot of spirit onto the board and ignite it. This can create a flaming effect on the shot glasses. Remember to perform this step in safe conditions and, most importantly, in a sober state. It’s also advisable to have a fire extinguisher nearby, just in case.

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