Absinthe Sour

Absinthe Sour

Absinthe Sour is a sweet and sour composition. It is refreshing and perfect for summer evenings. However, it may not appeal to everyone. The base of this drink is absinthe, so it will be adored by lovers of anise. Its flavor is complemented by citrus aromas, coming from lime and lemon.


  • Absinthe, 40 ml
  • Lime Juice, 10 ml
  • Lemon Juice, 10 ml
  • Simple Syrup, 20 ml


Place the glass in which you will serve the cocktail in the freezer for a few minutes or fill it with ice and set aside for a while to chill. Fill a shaker with ice, pour in the appropriate amounts of ingredients, and shake vigorously. Use a jigger or kitchen measure to measure the ingredients – this will help you maintain the cocktail recipe and thus achieve the perfect taste. Strain the cocktail into the chilled glass using a bartender’s strainer (without ice). Decorate the prepared cocktail with a cocktail cherry.

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