To Hell With Swords And Garter

To Hell With Swords And Garter

A recipe for a drink where pineapple juice pairs with whisky and vermouth. The drink is strong, but the whisky flavor is not overpowering.

Ingredients (in a lowball glass)

  • Whisky: 45 ml
  • Dry vermouth: 30 ml
  • Pineapple juice: 45 ml
  • Ice cubes


Place a few ice cubes and all the ingredients into a shaker and shake well. Pour the contents, straining out the remaining ice cubes (to avoid diluting the drink), into a lowball glass like an Old Fashioned glass, mostly filled with ice cubes (we happened to run out of ice cubes at the moment, as seen in the photo 🙂 ). You can garnish the glass with a piece of pineapple.

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