Peat’s Dragon

Peat’s Dragon

Peat’s Dragon is not a sweet, easy-drinking cocktail. However, if you enjoy dry, aromatic, and above all, unconventional drinks, be sure to try it!


  • Scottish Blended Whisky, 40 ml
  • Scottish Single Malt Whisky, 20 ml
  • Grand Marnier, 20 ml
  • Lillet Blanc, 20 ml
  • Dry Vermouth, 20 ml
  • Black Pepper, 3 pinches


Serve the cocktail in a chilled glass, so start by filling the glass with ice or placing it in the freezer for a few minutes. Then prepare a shaker and all the ingredients. Use a jigger or kitchen measure to measure the exact amounts. Fill a shaker with ice and pour in all the ingredients. Shake vigorously. Strain the prepared cocktail into the chilled glass using a bartender’s strainer (without ice).

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