Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom

Are you looking for an idea for a cocktail that will impress your friends and is also very easy to make? Enter the Orange Blossom. A delicious and delicate cocktail with a distinctly citrusy flavor. We particularly recommend it for gin enthusiasts.


  • Gin, 40 ml
  • Cointreau, 20 ml
  • Orange juice, 40 ml
  • Lime juice, 20 ml
  • Grenadine, 5 ml


Start by preparing a low glass in which you will serve the drink. Fill it with ice and set aside to chill or place it in the freezer while preparing the cocktail. Fill a shaker with ice, then pour in the ingredients and shake vigorously (a jigger or bar measure will help you measure precise amounts). Pour the prepared drink into the chilled glass. Don’t have a shaker at home? No problem! Use a large jar: fill it with ice, pour in the measured ingredients, screw the lid on tightly, and shake vigorously. The final step to the perfect cocktail is garnish! Use an orange peel for decoration. Good luck!

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