The drink owes its landscape effect to Blue Curacao liqueur, which creates both the green and blue layers. The green layer is achieved with orange juice. It is one of the two-layered vodka drinks.

Ingredients (in a 360 ml glass)

  • Vodka: 60 ml
  • Orange juice: 150-200 ml
  • Blue Curacao liqueur: 60 ml
  • Ice cubes


Fill a glass with a significant amount of ice cubes. Pour in the orange juice and 30 ml of Blue Curacao liqueur (you can also use syrup here) and stir until a green color is achieved. In a shaker or separate glass, combine the vodka and the remaining Blue Curacao liqueur (make sure it’s the liqueur). Pour this mixture into the glass over the ice cubes or using a spoon. Before drinking, stir well, and you can garnish the glass with a piece of orange.

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