Chocolate & Cranberry Martini

Chocolate & Cranberry Martini

You’ll encounter the Chocolate & Cranberry Martini in many forms. Most often, it’s delicately dusted with cocoa on top of the cocktail. Some may decorate the glass rim with cocoa and garnish the inside with raspberries skewered on a toothpick. Either way, the Chocolate & Cranberry Martini tastes absolutely divine! But don’t be fooled – this cocktail isn’t as sweet as it looks.


  • 20 ml cranberry vodka
  • 20 ml vanilla vodka
  • 20 ml dry vermouth
  • 10 ml light cocoa liqueur
  • 20 ml cranberry juice


Start by preparing the glass in which you’ll serve your cocktail. Fill it with ice and set aside for a few minutes or place it in the freezer while preparing the drink. Fill a shaker with ice, then pour in all the ingredients one by one and shake. If you don’t have a shaker at home, you can easily replace it with a large jar. Just fill it with ice and the remaining ingredients, screw on the lid, and shake vigorously (for about 15 seconds). Strain the cocktail from the shaker or jar into the chilled glass using a cocktail strainer. The last thing you need to do is decorate the cocktail – dust cocoa on top of the drink and it’s ready!

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