Chicken and Crispy Vegetable Wraps

Chicken and Crispy Vegetable Wraps

Tired of sandwiches for your second breakfast? Prepare delicious tortillas with chicken and colorful fresh vegetables!


  • Red bell pepper – 0.25 piece
  • Buttermilk – 150 ml
  • Yellow bell pepper – 0.25 piece
  • Semi-skimmed cottage cheese – 4 tablespoons
  • Chicken thigh – 70 g
  • Mixed lettuce – 25 g
  • Red apple – 1 piece
  • Tortillas – 2 pieces


The day before, roast the chicken in your favorite herbal seasoning. Let it cool, then cut into small strips.

Spread cottage cheese on the tortillas. Along the center of each tortilla, arrange pieces of chicken, sliced bell pepper, and mixed lettuce. Roll the tortilla tightly into a roll and cut into several pieces.

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