Black Russian

Black Russian

It often turns out that simple solutions are the best. Take, for example, the Black Russian, a simple drink consisting of only two ingredients. These are pure vodka and Mexican coffee liqueur Kahlua, mixed with ice and served in a low glass.


  • 40 ml pure vodka
  • 20 ml coffee liqueur


Although the name suggests using Russian vodka, the focus should be on its quality rather than its origin. As for the coffee liqueur, given the currently quite low price of Kahlua, there is no need to use substitutes that significantly affect the taste and are not necessarily cheaper. An interesting modification of the Black Russian is serving it frozen. For this purpose, in addition to the classic ingredients in the amount of 40 ml vodka and 20 ml Kahlua coffee liqueur, add two chocolate ice cream balls and several ice cubes. Mix thoroughly until obtaining a uniform consistency and enjoy sitting on the terrace at noon with this obtained composition.

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