Every day more and more people enter the world of cryptocurrencies. However, there are still doubts about what to do with them so that they do not lose their value along the way. Faced with this, it is important to know the wide range of options available in the market to invest Bitcoin, Ether or other cryptocurrencies to earn daily profits.

A page of permanent consultation to access this information is Loanscan, which offers a panel with cryptocurrency categories and lists many investment alternatives. Each investment proposal is different: some have the format of a fixed-term, while in others the cryptocurrency can be lent and an interest can be obtained, but there are also other options. The experience of use is different from platform to platform and is part of a learning process that must be followed. It is a constantly evolving market.

In the particular case of Bitcoin, the options are very limited, since due to its technical characteristics it is not compatible with many decentralized platforms. Some of the options offered by companies are: Nexo, Ledn, Binance and Bybit

Unlike the previously indicated options, where there is a company that provides custody services and asks for personal data, in DeFi, governance is distributed and executed in an automated way by technology, commissions are lower and the incentives to lend cryptocurrencies are exponentially enhanced.

Trust does not lie in a company, but in the programming quality and track record of each protocol. To visualize the options, information aggregator pages emerge such as: DeFi Pulse and DeFi Station.

However, it is critical to understand the technical risks of this more decentralized financial model: always work with protocols that have many blocked funds, that do not have a history of hacking or manipulation, that have code audited by qualified companies, a strong community of followers and a good score in reward distribution.

The key will be to be able to balance centralized and decentralized user experiences to take advantage of the vast financial universe that these technologies offer.

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