Kanga Exchange is a platform of modern financial services, a network of stationary exchange offices and a set of unique tools for trading cryptocurrencies. This cryptocurrency exchange is located in Poland and it was launched in September 2018 by Slawomir Zawadzki and his team. They are experienced entrepreneurs with a rich technological background and their goal is to facilitate the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Thus, the exchange is designed with features that make crypto-based transactions easy. Also, it has a native token called KNG, which is used to pay for transaction fees. When users stake this token on the platform, they earn interest generated from trading fees. 

According to their website, they are “the largest central Europe crypto-asset exchange with more than 250 physical exchange points” and you can create your own wallet in minutes. Their features include: ATM withdrawals, profitable PoS, a blog, markets display, physical offices, a mobile app, and an affiliate program.

Besides, their products include: Exchange, which enables users to trade different cryptocurrencies. More than 20 crypto pairs are available for trading, swap, wallet (the exchange supports wallets for KNG, BTC, and ETH), PoS Passive Income (this way, Kanga Exchange enables users to earn passively an increasing bonus of 0.3% when they stake their KNG in the PoS account and never withdraw it and, since it is an increasing bonus, the user will be earning a 3% bonus by the 10th day), OTC, and IEO, where users can buy tokens that are newly listed on the exchange at a fair price.

There are different ways you can profit from interacting with Kanga Exchange, according to Kanga’s website: Staking KNG on PoS, becoming an affiliate, staking oPLN on PoS or holding KNG and KESH.

However, according to their website “Kanga Exchange is not only a cryptocurrency exchange, but above all a crypto-asset exchange (including project tokens, real estate, personal tokens).”

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