Airdrops in the cryptocurrency world are a marketing strategy commonly used by crypto startups, to promote their projects and their new token. This involves the free distribution of the native currency to current or potential users in their wallet.

The main reason to organize a cryptographic airdrop is to promote a blockchain startup, project or service. By issuing tokens to users, the company can start its project and ensure fair distribution among its community from day one. Some platforms may even decide to launch governance tokens, giving users voting rights and making important decisions related to the future of the project.

One of the most important parts of any marketing strategy consists of obtaining useful information from potential customers interested in the product or service. Airdrops become a low-cost prospect where, in exchange for free tokens, a contact lead is generated that can be useful in future actions.

The airdrop consists in the massive sending of small amounts of cryptocurrencies to virtual wallet addresses of certain users who may be potential consumers of your platform. Since these are groups or collectives of potential users, the beneficiaries do not necessarily have to have participated in any process to obtain the asset.

Sometimes platforms distribute the tokens without asking for any return, while others may request certain types of shares to participate in the delivery of this new crypto asset.

In most cases, participation is not a complex process. Just keep an eye out for those projects with upcoming launches and perform simple promotional activities such as: Subscribing to a newsletter, following the blockchain platform’s social media accounts, create an account and/or register to receive updates, share publications.

Any other action that involves expanding awareness of the new brand will help make that person a potential user to receive free cryptocurrencies through an airdrop. It is important to mention that in order to claim the prize you need to have a cryptocurrency wallet created.

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