Digital platforms such as Decentraland, Polka City and The Sandbox offer immersive environments where users can do business with cryptoassets using a personal avatar created by them. 

The platform offered by Polka City is autonomous, contract-based and it merges the NFT, Polkadot and DeFi worlds. There, you can invest in virtual cities (3D and AR NFT) and benefit from virtual cabs, power stations and other commodities. Its NFT digital assets have been traded on Opensea for over six months, with around 1000 ETH transactions by value. 

Besides launching its own 3D & AR NFT store, NFT Marketplace, BSC-ETH Token, NFT Bridge and an NFT treasure hunt game, all audited by CertiK, Polka City is also creating a game in which users can use NFT to navigate a city.

$POLC recently announced on their Twitter account that they have reached 20,000 holders and their next target is 25,000. They also shared their new game demo. The NFT game will be released before the end of the year and investors will be able to drive Polkacity Lambo NFT, Bugatti, NFT taxis and more, as well as make purchases in Polka City. All buildings, petrol stations, discos, hotels, and automobiles are platforms that present NFTs. 

Besides exciting new games and many business opportunities, Polka City’s metaverse will also include a casino and its revenue will be shared between business and casino NFT holders. 

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