Pinta means pint in Spanish, so Pinta Token is a cryptocurrency that allows users to make transactions to buy and sell beer. 

The cryptocurrency is developed on Binance Smart Chain and the goal is to develop it on other blockchains. On its official website, it explains that bars and restaurants make up the largest and most distributed P2P buying and selling network in the crypto ecosystem, providing all community users with access to the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, without the need for intermediaries or specific crypto knowledge. It is worth remembering that bars and restaurants were one of the hardest hit sectors of the economy due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Pinta Token aims to transact goods and services by configuring a P2P transaction network with the objective of reaching all countries in the world. The token has its own wallet that allows transactions with the token to facilitate any operational complexity that may arise in users who are not familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. 

Pinta seeks a reference value that allows stability and predictability regarding its value. What is the difference with a stablecoin? its value is variable. It will be usable through the Pinta Wallet available for iOS and Android, which allows saving and transacting.

As part of their commitment, the bars and restaurants that are part of Pinta’s community, commit to accept PINTA as a means of payment in exchange for a measure of beer. The price will tend to oscillate within the range of the market value of the product offered.

Likewise, when the price of the PINTA token is above the value at which a particular bar or restaurant offers the most expensive measure of its beer, it may implement promotional programs and discounts of its choice or even offer its product for a fraction of the token, to encourage the use of the tokens by the users of the community.

The proposal of the PINTA development team promotes the predictability of the value of the token by making public the prices of the most expensive beers of the participating bars and restaurants, so that users will be aware of the product for which the token can be traded, and decide with the information provided what position to take with respect to the PINTA token.

Regarding its technical aspects, the developer team will increase the supply as demand proposes, which generates a price monitoring mechanism. The PINTA team will deliver the tokens to bars and restaurants that are part of the community, which will function as points of sale, where users will be able to buy and sell their tokens.

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