Niantic, the developer behind the popular game Pokemon Go, in partnership with Fold, a cryptocurrency debit card company, announced a new game, called Fold AR, to capture Bitcoin as if they were Pokemon through an augmented reality video game.

With this platform that is part of the metaverse, players will be able to earn Bitcoin rewards on their mobile device by immersing themselves in augmented reality. According to the company Fold, the game is a “metaphor for Bitcoin mining,” as Pokemon will be replaced by cubes that players must tap to get their hands on small chunks of BTC.

“We believe bitcoin is really just a game. And, there are millions of people around the world already playing this game every day, working to acquire bitcoin through mining, trading, shilling and earning in pursuit of financial freedom; all the while avoiding the villains of inflation, monetary controls, censorship, and other forms of financial debasement,” explains Fold CEO Will Reeves in a blog post.

The app uses the mapping technology that Niantic employs for Pokemon Go and combines it with the functions that Fold has to offer to obtain Bitcoin rewards. Through Fold AR, people will be able to collect rewards in Satoshi (SATS), which is the smallest unit of Bitcoin and is currently worth $0.0005454, according to CoinMarketCap. 

Players can also earn extra spins to get rewards on the fold card, orange pills to protect themselves from harmful surprises in the game and time extensions to play for longer durations. Besides, the blocks that can be mined will be recomposed every 10 minutes at a distance of between 1 and 15 minutes. 

“Anyone can use our app to earn Bitcoin and other rewards by exploring the world around them,” says Fold CEO Will Reeves. It has always been important to us to make participating in the Bitcoin economy easy for anyone, regardless of their education or technical background.

The complete experience will drop next year and will enable individuals to find, trade, and hide bitcoin and other rewards throughout the world IRL, and will also give merchants the ability to engage the community with incentives and offers. According to Reeves: “It all started with someone saying ‘let’s make PokemonGo but for bitcoin’ and ended with ‘let’s build a new way to exchange and share bitcoin with others.’”