Metahero (HERO) is a project on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that combines 3D scanning technology with non-fungible token (NFT) smart contracts to enable the creation of unique meta avatars and meta-objects. “We are the gateway into the Metaverse. Crypto meets 3D scanning technology, together bridging the physical and digital worlds,” is the slogan displayed on HERO’s website

According to their whitepaper, their ultimate mission is “to take crypto adoption to the next level” and they would like to do so because “cryptocurrencies empower all of us to create independent and more equitable ecosystems and build new opportunities.”

Metahero brings to the market 3D scanning and modeling technology that generates realistic 3D avatars and virtual items to be used across games, VR, social media, and online fashion, but the project also aims to encompass many other markets and target audiences, such as developers, artists, government organizations, professional athletes, etc. Their technology also allows for the creation of NFTs from real-world works of art and collectibles.

According to their website, “Metahero and the HERO token drive the mass adoption of crypto by leveraging WDW’s state-of-the-art 3D capabilities.” And they add that “HERO will be the sole currency of the entire ecosystem. Paid in HERO: Scans, Licensing, NFTs, And all payments in any direction.”

HERO began with self-funding, US$10 million from its founder, Robert Gryn. This kickstarted the project and financed the third-gen ultra-HD 16K metascanner. Gryn has applied his tech to the crypto world with a successful release of Tenset, which became the second most traded asset on Coingecko in April 2021.

Currently, its price is US$0,141960 and it has a 24-hour trading volume of US$7.329.504. HERO is number 2841 in CoinMarketCap’s ranking and it has a maximum supply of HERO coins.

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