TradingView is a platform that allows technical analysis and financial visualization, as well as the creation of scripts through its own code language. It does not require installation and the requirements for its use are minimal, such as a browser.

TradingView is also a social network for traders and investors that allows users to keep track of different assets and, in addition, offers tools to better analyze the different markets. TradingView offers a free, albeit somewhat limited version, especially for more experienced traders. It also has apps for IOS and Android.

TradingView allows users to view charts for free and use many of their tools just by accessing their website. However, registering is very easy and besides avoiding advertising it allows some additional options such as saving settings or having a watch list.

These are some of the tools that every newbie trader should know: advanced charts based on HTML5, which allows fluidity in any compatible browser; indicators, which also offer the possibility of developing scripts or custom indicators for more detailed market analysis; educational tools of trading, such as explanations and examples of the operation of the different types of indicators or patterns; and a training school, where different expert traders share knowledge about different concepts.

Thanks to the type of content segmentation found within TradingView, when exploring the markets users will not only have access to purely technical content such as charts or indicators, but they will also have access to ideas and analysis from other users, sometimes much more experienced, that will help them make better decisions.

Another interesting feature, as TradingView is a good social network, is that users have the possibility to follow their favorite traders or the most outstanding content creators.

There are 7 markets available in TradingView, which are: cryptocurrencies, currencies (Forex), stocks, indices, futures, CFDs and bonds. Within each market the same format is maintained, so that users have the possibility of analyzing and sharing ideas with others to improve their growth as a trader and their decision making.

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