Buying cryptocurrencies with PayPal may sound impossible, but it really is not. In fact, the platform has incorporated the function for buying Bitcoin in its own wallet, but it is not available to everyone. The main disadvantage of using PayPal to directly buy cryptocurrencies is that it is not possible to exchange Bitcoin between users. Basically it is only a buy, sell and custody service.

As with all PayPal operations, storing cryptocurrencies on its platform can be risky, since the digital wallet reserves the right to limit other functions or even confiscate the Bitcoin balance you have stored. Although these measures surely have more to do with hacker attacks that obtain payments through bitcoin and not with the profits you get from a video game.

However, there are other alternatives to buy cryptocurrencies that support PayPal as a payment method, being only a gateway for sending the money, without involving the transfer of the crypto asset and that can be a real advantage. The drawback is that not all wallets support it in this way.

One of the best alternatives for buying cryptocurrencies with PayPal is Coinbase. This is the most robust and recognized wallet that supports this method, so it is quite safe to use.

Among the main advantages to perform these operations with Coinbase, is that the platform made an agreement directly with PayPal, so you can buy the cryptocurrency you want using the funds you have available in your account.

For now it only works for the United States, but they promise to incorporate more countries in the future. You can buy the cryptocurrency you want and receive your funds in real time, without complications. You only need to register. These operations generate a commission depending on the amount. You must link your PayPal account in Coinbase at the time of registration.Some other wallets that allow operating with PayPal are: XCoins, eToro and Paxful, among others.

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