The Green Bond Meter (GBM) proposal consists of an innovative and different solution in pursuit of the recovery of natural heritage. You can save 1 square meter of biosphere, that is, 1 square meter of virgin land in the Paraná jungle, Misiones province in Argentina Republic, through the acquisition of the virtual token Green Bond Meter Coin (GBM coin). After one year, this crypto asset will generate a GBM bond (Carbon Bond), with which you can make a contribution to the conservation of this natural area, as well as sell and earn money.

This cryptocurrency is aimed at three types of markets: people who invest in cryptocurrencies in general, environmental organizations and companies. According to the Green Bond Meter website, they aim to “conserve natural capital. Protecting native forests, reestablishing environments to their original state and providing conditions for the development of natural biodiversity”.

The project was highlighted by Forbes for being innovative, since holders can have traceability and also do Eco Branding. For instance, they can put their photo and brand to show that they are taking action against the climate crisis. But they also have access to carbon credits emitted by the land they are caring for. Every year, by caring for and preserving these spaces, carbon credits are generated and those who have that plot of land can buy them not only at a 50% discount, but also before they go on the market. In other words, they can not only help the environment but also earn money.

But GMB is not the only environmentally-friendly crypto asset, apparently the green wave is sweeping through the cryptocurrency world, since it recently became known that the Universal Protocol Alliance (UPA), a conglomerate of leading companies in blockchain launched Bitcoin Zero (BZX), a new version of the well-known digital currency Bitcoin, but with zero carbon emissions.

This is achieved through a package that combines one Bitcoin with the suppression of 10 tons of carbon dioxide in order to protect the rainforest. This package is certified by several international agencies that validate the company’s commitment every time a Bitcoin Zero is minted.

This breakthrough is possible now that Universal Carbon is available to anyone who wants to invest in the world’s first carbon-free cryptocurrency. The launch of Bitcoin Zero means that everyone can achieve two goals at the same time: owning Bitcoins and helping to protect the environment and the planetary biosphere. In addition to the benefits of investing in this digital currency, buyers will be effortlessly helping to care for the rainforests.

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