MariCoin is the first cryptocurrency created by and for the LGTBIQ+ community, a means of payment that materializes the value and the struggle of the collective. According to the website, it is a social, ethical, transparent and transversal currency. It is a digital and decentralized currency, which is structured on the Algorand blockchain. 

It was created to give visibility to the real value of the LGTBIQ+ collective, because it can be an excellent bond of union between the whole community, and because the economic development of the community can contribute to help other members of the collective in situations of exclusion or risk.

The person behind maricoin is Juan Belmonte, known as Juan por Dios, and Francisco Álvarez Cano is its CEO (also the CEO of Startify).

Belmonte assures that it is time to have their own currency, because it will unify the collective, will give them power in a globalized capitalist world and will serve to help many people who do not have the same rights (1 in 3 countries in the world punishes homosexuality, 11 with death, they highlight in the MariCoin White Paper).

According to Belmonte, they have more than 20 businessmen in the Madrid neighborhood of Chueca who support the project.

With the LGTBIQ+ collective’s cryptocurrency, you can make mobile-to-mobile transfers, pay with discounts and benefits to professionals or in your favorite establishments, both in large capitals and rural areas, and you can also help the LGTBIQ+ collective. The more you use MariCoin, the more value it will have and will serve to help the collective through the interest received by the associations and organizations of the collective, for which they reserve 1 out of 5 coins. In addition, 2% of MariCoins will be available to the collective, in case of emergency situations.

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