Crypto Fight Club (CFC) is a 3D NFT pixel-based game that allows players to stake, battle opposing fighters, and compete in championship events for real rewards. CFC is powered by its own native token, FIGHT on Binance Smart Chain, which comes with an array used inside and outside of the game. 

The NFTs represent in-game characters and CFC also allows players to stake the native currency or the LP version of FIGHT inside of their NFT prizefighter. NFT holders can also participate in minigames, trivia, free-roam PvE, and hash it out in the ring to earn more tokens and purchase more powerful fighters and/or enhance their stats with equipable NFTs such as gloves, shorts, boots, etc.

Today, at 10am UTC, according to a tweet on their Twitter account: “CFC plans to get back to what crypto represents. It’s time to start the new wave of #NFT‘s and #PlayToEarn.” 

But how does it work? The future user must burn 2.000 FIGHT tokens to summon their fighter from a mystery pack. With the inflationary model, active stakers holding FIGHT inside of the NFT will not only accrue interest in the tokens over time, but also enhance that particular fighter’s stats at a rate of 20% per year, also granting an initial bonus in FIGHT as well. 

Besides, the fighter’s stats are based on a Proof-of-Wait function where holders earn interest based on delayed gratification. Longer stakes will not only help improve the fighter’s ability to perform, but also reward players with more $FIGHT.‍

According to the Crypto Fight Club website, the team behind CFC wants to “Reward the gamers that not only play a lot, but are smart with their in-game currency and know a good deal when it appears digitally in front of them. This is a game where our users can use acumen to rise to the top irrespective of how much investment they’ve put in.”The Crypto Fight Club (FIGHT) price at the time of writing this article, according to CoinMarketCap, is US$0,057564 with a 24-hour trading volume of US$234.506. FIGHT is currently number 3798 in the CoinMarketCap ranking, with information regarding the live market cap, the circulating supply and the maximum supply not available.