California’s Popular music festival Coachella launched an NFT marketplace built by FTX US, with three collections of NFTs going on sale on February 4th. 

As the company announced on Twitter: “Introducing Coachella Collectibles NFTs Lifetime festival passes, digital collectibles redeemable for physical items & more available Friday at 10am PT at” 

The company will auction the Coachella Keys Collection, a total of 10 NFTs that allow holders lifetime tickets to the festival. They also grant “access to Coachella-produced virtual experiences forever.” 

In addition, Coachella will sell 1,000 NFTs priced at US$180 that buyers can use to redeem a physical Coachella photo book. The company will also sell 10,000 NFTs of “fan-favorite festival photos and never before heard soundscapes,” priced at US$60 apiece. Minted on Solana, Coachella will donate a portion of NFT sales to GiveDirectly, Lideres Campesinas, and Find Food Bank.

The Sights and Sounds Collection comprises 10 digital collectibles made up of iconic festival photos and never before heard soundscapes from the Polo Fields. Mint this NFT and randomly receive 1 of these 10 combinations. Each NFT is redeemable for a physical art print of the photograph.

If you mint the Desert Reflections Collection NFT, which celebrates Coachella’s 20 year history,  you will randomly receive 1 of 10 digital renditions of an iconic Coachella poster from Emek. Each NFT is redeemable for a physical copy of Coachella. The Photographs: 1999-2019 photo book.

The sale of passes will begin on 4 February at 10 AM PT. Of course, to guarantee your lifetime access to Coachella, you will have to get one of the Coachella Keys Collection. Their price is currently unknown, since it will be an auction. 

Coachella, America’s most famous festival, is held at its iconic location at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, and this year it is set for two weekends April 15-17 and April 22-24.

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