Two years ago, businessman and entrepreneur Dante Eludier began working on the creation of AxenCoin, the first Mexican cryptocurrency. The token is powered by Axen Capital’s Generation and Exchange Network, a financial technology company of which Dante Eludier is CEO and founder. AxenCoin was first offered for sale last Friday, April 29.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Axen Capital’s platform guarantees returns of 0.025% every 15 minutes to those who acquire it, thanks to a compound interest system, which can be monitored in real time. At this initial stage, AxenCoin is available as an investment instrument. However, the goal is to expand its usability so that people can purchase products, goods and services with it.

According to Dante Eludier, Axen Capital has a base of more than 2,700 clients who have already expressed their interest in acquiring the first Mexican cryptocurrency. This will allow the cryptocurrency to quickly position itself in the market, increasing its value from the first year.

AxenCoin has a reserve of 3.2 billion units. In addition to its attractive yields, the coin’s design, created by Karla Pachaco, is a real treat: on its obverse, AxenCoin is inscribed in binary code with the legend “A healthier, more prosperous and happier world”, a phrase that summarizes Axen Capital’s philosophy.

At the moment, AxenCoin can be stored in the MetaMask wallet and can be bought and/or sold through CoinMarketCap. It is important to note that when investing in Axen Coins, people’s money is always in their wallet, never in the hands of the company. This guarantees that it is a free and decentralized virtual currency.

Always looking to the future, Axen Capital will have a network of ATMs to exchange AxenCoin for fiat money throughout the country, starting with one in the state of Michoacán.

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