Tenset is an emerging blockchain project that envisions itself to be the bridge between crypto assets and the traditional stock market. It employs the new generation ETF2.0 deflationary token as well as an intelligent staking method. 

But what does this mean? It is deflationary thanks to their Smart Contract, which adds a 2% fee to each transaction and splits it so half of that fee is proportionally divided to all 10SET users (which incentivises HODLing) and the other half is automatically burned, which reduces the overall 10SETs circulation. The staking method of 10SET works via the RFI mechanism: there is no need to freeze tokens or store them in any special wallets, so this generates passive income, keeps some tokens out of circulation and encourages HODLing.

Tenset also claims to be the “world’s first deflationary token that combines dividend shares with cryptocurrency projects.” This is due to innovative technologies such as blockchain, decentralized finance (DeFi) and the Internet of Things (IoT), which are becoming highly appealing to enterprises that want to offer consumers innovative solutions. 

Besides, each 10SET token is backed by a collection of cryptocurrencies, and later shares, generating passive income through staking, loans or depositing. A part of the company’s profits is used to buy back 10SET tokens from exchanges and those tokens are burnt, which boosts its price and creates deflation.

According to their website: “Cryptocurrencies have become a reality, and there is no coming back to the pre-Bitcoin world. Progress is about combining the new world with the old one, technologically and ideologically. At Tenset, we build bridges in the financial sector to accelerate this transition.”According to CoinMarketCap, Tenset price today is US$2,00, it is number 2907 at CoinMarketCap’s ranking and its maximum supply is 210.000.000 10SET coins. The market capitalization and circulating supply are not available, but according to Tenset’s website, there is a total supply of 200,071,321 10SET.