Forty-six Tifon gas stations around Croatia have apparently begun accepting cryptocurrency payments. Utilizing payment processor Paycek, consumers can pay with a number of cryptocurrencies, as well as bitcoin and ether. Paycek, a service by Croatian fintech startup Electrocoin, will process crypto payments for Tifon. Based to its website, Paycek supports bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), XRP, stellar (XLM), and EOS.

Cryptocurrency payments are transformed into fiat currency at the time of acquisition. If a client gets gas for HRK 500 and pays with a cryptocurrency, Paycek processes the payment and pays Tifon in the Croatian kuna. Tifon says that at no point is it at any danger by accepting crypto payments.

Tifon’s chief finance officer stated that although payments in cryptocurrencies are still in their early stage in Croatia, with the introduction of this payment option at all Tifon’s points of sale, they assume their further expansion and growth, particularly during the tourist season, given the more common use this type of payment by foreign clients.