At a time when cryptocurrencies are on everyone’s lips, investing in this market can be one of the newest ways to generate extra income. In fact, more and more freelancers are becoming interested in them as a form of investment or accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. 

Although there are many self-employed people interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, this is an activity for which it is not necessary to register as self-employed. It is simply enough to comply with tax obligations. 

Cryptocurrencies can be used to make quick payments and avoid transaction fees. However, in recent years they have become a new form of investment as their value rises and falls every day. This has led to more and more people investing in this virtual currency, many of those interested are self-employed professionals. 

According to experts, the first step is to choose a reliable platform, where it is 100% safe to invest in cryptocurrencies, without putting at risk the money invested, or personal data. It is usually necessary to leave tax data when creating an account on such platforms. 

Some reliable platforms are:


The Binance platform requested in early 2022 its incorporation into the Bank of Spain’s Registry for Cryptoasset Service Providers, whose objective is to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism. This means that those who decide to invest through Binance will be protected and will be able to do so safely. Binance has more than 600 cryptocurrencies available, 90 million users and a 24-hour transaction volume of 76 billion euros.


This is the largest cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform in the United States and, in addition, it made the leap to the stock market on the Nasdaq index at the beginning of last year with a value of 100 billion dollars. Coinbase has more than 89 million verified users and operates in more than 100 countries, moving a quarterly volume of $547 billion.


It is a platform based in The Bahamas that moves more than 11,000 million euros a day, something that has led it to be positioned as one of the benchmark platforms in the sector.

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